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makarska croatia

Price: from 97 to 157€

Makarska Apartments (2+2+1, 2+2) x2, Studio (2+1) x3

Property type: Apartments, Studio  3-stars

To the beach: 40m. Elevator, Free Wi-Fi and parking

Makarska Apartments 11

Price: from 87 to 149€

Makarska Luxury Apartments (2 x3, 4)

Property type: Luxury Apartments  4-stars

The house is in the town centre. To the beach: 150m

Makarska Luxury Apartments 12

Price: from 47 to 180€

Makarska Luxury Duplex Apartment (6), Apartment (2+2), Studio (2+1)

Property type: Luxury Penthouse Duplex  4-stars

Town centre. To the beach 250m. Free Wi-Fi, parking and barbecue

Makarska Luxury Apartments 13

Price: from 163 to 189€

Makarska Apartments (2+2+2)

Property type: Apartments  3-stars

30m to the beach. Free Wi-Fi internet. Pets are allowed

Makarska Apartments 14

Price: from 52 to 151€

Makarska Apartments (2+2) x3, (4+2)

Property type: Apartments  3stars

Town centre. 170m to the sea. Free Wi-Fi and parking

Makarska Apartments 15

Price: from 41 to 170€

Makarska Apartments (4) x2, Studio (2+1) x2

Property type: Apartments, Studio  3-stars

Town centre. To the beach: 70m. Free Wi-Fi

Makarska Apartments 16

Price: from 58 to 139€

Makarska Apartments (4+2), Studio (2+1)

Property type: Apartments, Studio  3-stars

50m to the beach. Free Wi-Fi and parking

Makarska Apartments 17

Price: from 52 to 130€

Makarska Apartments (2+1+1, 4+1 x2, 4)

Property type: Apartments  3-stars

To the beach: 180m. Free Wi-Fi internet and parking

Makarska Apartments 18

Price: from 90 to 142€

Makarska Apartments (4+1) x2

Property type: Apartments  3-stars

To the beach: 100m. Free Wi-Fi internet and parking

Makarska Apartments 19

Price: from 109 to 138€

Makarska Luxury Apartment (2+2+1)

Property type: Luxury Apartments  4-stars

To the beach: 200m, town centre. Free Wi-Fi internet. Parking

Makarska Luxury Apartments 20


  • Makarska Riviera on the mainland coast, between Split and Dubrovnik, is home to some of the country’s loveliest stretches of beach. Running from Brela in the north to Gradac in the south, the Riviera is about 60 kilometres long and centres on Makarska. Town is built around a deep sheltered bay, and backed by the rocky heights of Mount Biokovo (1762m), which acts as a buffer from the harsher inland climate. Biokovo’s sea-facing slopes are criss-crossed by well-marked trails, so besides swimming in the deep turquoise Adriatic.
  • It’s an active place – there’s an abundance of hiking, climbing, paragliding, mountain biking, windsurfing and swimming opportunities – with a spectacular natural setting, backed by the gorgeous mountain Biokovo. With mountain, sea and rivers, the Makarska area is an unbeatable playground for adventure sports. Cycling is probably the no. 1 sport on land here thanks to the great scenery and challenging terrain. Pick a tour through the old hillside villages - details in the nearest tourist board office. You can sail (or learn to), or surf, or windsurf. You can ride a jet ski, or launch yourself in the air behind one on a paraglider. Whichever you chose, we assure you the experience will be unforgettable. It’s the locus of Croatia’s package tourism, focused on the town’s long pebbly beach, which is filled with a feast of activities, from beach volleyball to screaming-children’s games.
  • Through summer Makarska’s main square is filled with open-air restaurants and cafés, while behind the church, in the shade, the daily open-air market sells fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables. Along the harbour, overlooked by a string of cafés and pizzeria. Apart from the sea and the sun, here you can enjoy healthy and appetising Mediterranean food such as fish and seafood, chars, tomatoes and olive oil. A number of traditional konobe (taverns) are now open offering great hospitality and authentic Dalmatian cuisine.
  • The main draw here is the wonderful beaches, some of which are several kilometres long, backed by fragrant pine woods overlooking the glistening turquoise sea. Makarska’s town beach is a long curving stretch of pebble smoothed by the sea into rounded shapes which are comfortable to lie and walk on, behind which runs a shady palm-lined promenade with several big hotels interspersed by cafés, restaurants and ice cream parlours. The white beaches fringed by thick pine forests and the refreshing crystal clear waters are among the main attractions of the Makarska Riviera.
  • Without Biokovo mountain, great grey mauntainrising steeply from the coast, the experience of being on the Makarska shoreline would be much less of a thrill. Biokovo is not a single mountain but a rang of mountains that stretches from just above Brela almost to Igrane in the south, about 25km, about half of the Makarska Riviera.
  • It’s also popular with seniors as a ‘medical tourism’ destination, for the great climate and facilities. Makarska has more than 2750 hours of sun each year and the air temperature above 20°C from July to September. During these same months, the crystal-clear sea also averages a temperature of above 20°C.
  • If you’re interested in hanging around beach bars and clubs, playing beach volleyball and generally lounging about with beach bodies, you’ll like Makarska. Outside the high season, things are pretty quiet.