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igrane croatia

Price: from 93 to 203€

Igrane Luxury Apartments (4-6, 7-8, 6+2), House on the beach

Property type: Luxury Apartments  4-stars

The house is directly on the beach, 50m to the village centre. Garage on request. Free Wi-Fi internet

Igrane Luxury Apartments 1

Price: from 74 to 161€

Igrane Apartments (3+2) x5, (6+2), House on the beach

Property type: Apartments  3-stars

The house is directly on the beach, in the village centre. Possibility of half board. Free Wi-Fi internet and parking

Igrane Apartments 2

Price: from 71 to 95€

Igrane Apartments - Row's House 3+2

Property type: Apartments - Row's House  3-stars

To the beach: 65m. Parking. Free Wi-Fi internet

Igrane Apartments 3

Price: from 35 to 117€

Igrane Apartments (4+2, 4, 2+2, 2+1 x2, 2 x3)

Property type: Apartments, Studio Apartments  3-stars

To the beach: 40m. Sea view. Parking. Free Wi-Fi internet. Children friendly

Igrane Apartments 4

Price: from 25 to 150€

Igrane Apartments (2+2, 6+2, 3+2, 3+1), Studio Apartment (2)

Property type: Apartments  3-stars

Town center. 60m to the beach. Free Wi-Fi and parking

Igrane Apartments 5

Price: from 47 to 92€

Igrane Apartments (4+1 x4)

Property type: Apartments  3-stars

70m to the beach. Town center. Free Wi-Fi. Parking

Igrane Apartments 6

Price: from 82 to 127€

Igrane Apartment (4+3, 4+2)

Property type: Apartments  3-stars

40m to the beach. Town center. Air conditioning unit. Free Wi-Fi. Private parking

Igrane Apartments 7

Price: from 47 to 70€

Igrane Apartments (2+2 x4)

Property type: Apartments  3-stars

85m to the beach. 350m to the town center. Free Wi-Fi. Private parking, barbecue

Igrane Apartments 8

Price: from 58 to 116€

Igrane Apartments (2+2, 3+3), Studio Apartments (2+1 x3)

Property type: Apartments  3-stars

95m to the beach. 400m to the town center. Free Wi-Fi. Parking, barbecue

Igrane Apartments 9

Price: from 69 to 104€

Igrane Apartments (2+2 x3, 3+2+2, 3+3)

Property type: Apartments  3-stars

100m to the beach. Town center. Free Wi-Fi. Parking included in the price

Igrane Apartments 10


  • Igrane is a pleasant little place clings to the foot of the hills and has a lovely long sand and shingle beach. One sight of interest is the Zalina kula tower built in the War of Candia between the Venetians and the Turks. There's a picturesque waterfront and the olive oil and fishing industries are alive and kicking.
  • Makarska Riviera on the mainland coast, between Split and Dubrovnik, is home to some of the country’s loveliest stretches of beach. Running from Brela in the north to Gradac in the south, the Riviera is about 60 kilometres long and centres on Makarska. Igrane is built around a deep sheltered bay, and backed by the rocky heights of Mount Biokovo (1762m), which acts as a buffer from the harsher inland climate. Biokovo’s sea-facing slopes are criss-crossed by well-marked trails, so besides swimming in the deep turquoise Adriatic.
  • Without Biokovo mountain, great grey mauntainrising steeply from the coast. Biokovo is not a single mountain but a rang of mountains that stretches from just above Brela almost to Igrane in the south, about 25km, about half of the Makarska Riviera.
  • It’s also popular destination for the great climate and facilities. Igrane has more than 2750 hours of sun each year and the air temperature above 20°C from July to September. During these same months, the crystal-clear sea also averages a temperature of above 20°C.
  • Outside the high season, things are pretty quiet.